Associação Carl Justi para o fomento da cooperação científica entre a Alemanha, Portugal, Espanha e América Latina no campo da História de Arte


Ars Iberica et Americana, Band 13The ARS IBERICA ET AMERICANA series has been published since 1995 on behalf of the Carl Justi Association for the Promotion of Art Historical Cooperation with Spain, Portugal and Latin America by Vervuert Publishing Company. ARS IBERICA ET AMERICANA offers interested scholars and layman new studies on art historical issues from Iberian and Iberian-American art ranging from antiquity to the present. The series has brought forth monographs, anthologies and conference proceedings as well as other forms of art historical publications with numerous black/white or colour reproductions.

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The editorial committee of ARS IBERICA ET AMERICANA is made up by Dr. Barbara Borngässer, Prof. Dr. Henrik Karge, Prof. Dr. Bruno Klein, Dr. Helga von Kügelgen, Dr. Gisela Noehles-Doerk und Prof. Dr. Martin Warnke.

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The series can be subscribed to Members of the Carl Justi Association are entitled to a 25% discount. Please direct your orders to:

Vervuert Verlagsgesellschaft
Elisabethenstraße 3-9
60594 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: (+49) (0) 69-5974617
Telefax: (+49) (0) 69-5978743

Carl Justi-Vereinigung zur Förderung der kunstwissenschaftlichen Zusammenarbeit mit Spanien, Portugal und Iberoamerika / Asociación Carl Justi para el fomento de la cooperación entre Alemania, España, Portugal e Iberoamérica en el campo de la Historia del Arte / Associação Carl Justi para fomento da cooperação a nível da ciência da arte com Portugal, Espanha e América Latina / Carl Justi Association  for the Promotion of Art Historical Cooperation  with Spain, Portugal and Ibero-America