Carl Justi-Association for the Promotion of Art Historical Cooperation with Spain, Portugal and Ibero-America


You can support and promote the Carl Justi Association by membership and benefaction. Membership fees for one year are 42 Euros standard, for students 19 Euros. The members receive the annual journal Mitteilungen » which includes summaries of talks held at the Carl Justi Association conferences, when the proceedings can not be published, larger articles, sometimes with illustrations, reviews, exhibition reports, presentations of dissertations and master's theses, events and exhibition announcements as well as news from the association.

Please send the application for membership to:

Carl Justi-Vereinigung e. V.
c/o Dr. Sylvaine Hänsel
Freiburger Weg 67
48151 Münster

You can download the application for membership and the statutes:
Application for membership as
 PDF-File or as RTF-File
Statutes as

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Carl Justi-Vereinigung zur Förderung der kunstwissenschaftlichen Zusammenarbeit mit Spanien, Portugal und Iberoamerika / Asociación Carl Justi para el fomento de la cooperación entre Alemania, España, Portugal e Iberoamérica en el campo de la Historia del Arte / Associação Carl Justi para fomento da cooperação a nível da ciência da arte com Portugal, Espanha e América Latina / Carl Justi Association  for the Promotion of Art Historical Cooperation  with Spain, Portugal and Ibero-America