Internationale Tagung: Form – Material – Space: Chillida and his ContemporariesInternationale Tagung

Form – Material – Space: Chillida and his Contemporaries

Form – Material – Raum: Chillida und seine Zeitgenossen

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main

3. bis 5. Juli 2015

Veranstalter: Kunstgeschichtliches Institut der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
In Kooperation mit: Carl Justi-Vereinigung e. V., Dresden

The work of Eduardo Chillida is usually viewed in terms of modernist art. This view is reinforced by Chillida’s own highly elaborate and eloquent accounts of his artistic practice. Chillida frequently positioned his work in a field of artistic and philosophical discourse that emphasises medium specificity and a metaphysics of form. He referred to the exemplary nature of the art of Brancusi, Braque and Giacometti for his own creative work; and, in his philosophical exchange with Martin Heidegger, developed the notion of sculptural space as an ontological space evoking the boundless nature of „being“ itself. The conference reconsiders the prevailing interpretations of Chillida’s work, based largely on his own statements, as a seamless continuation of a modernist aesthetic. It takes
its cue from the observation that Chillida has rarely ever been viewed within the context of his contemporaries, specifically minimalist and conceptual artists such as Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt or Anthony Caro.

The idea of this conference was developed at the Institute of Art History, Goethe-University, Frankfurt/Main in cooperation with Jon Wood (Henry Moore Institute, Leeds), Thomas Kirchner (Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte, Paris) and the Carl Justi-Vereinigung e.V., Dresden. 

Freitag, 3. Juli 2015
  • Tony Cragg, Wuppertal
    Key Note Lecture

Samstag 4. Juli 2015

  • Begrüßung und Einführung/Introduction

I. Practice, materials and techniques: pragmatics and poetics / Praxis, Materialien und Techniken: Pragmatiken und Poetiken

  • Christa Lichtenstern, Berlin
    Rhythmus als Movens des Raumes. Überlegungen zu einer ästhetischen Kategorie Chillidas
  • Julia Kelly, Loughborough
    Sculpture and the sea: Chillida‘s maritime imagination
  • Wouter Davidts, Ghent
    Models, prototypes and miniatures: Eduardo Chillida and architecture

II. Philosophy, aesthetics, theory: concepts of form, material and space / Philosophie, Ästhetik, Theorie: Konzepte von Form, Material und Raum

  • Ana María Rabe, Medellín
    Dialogue versus geometry: A comparison between Eduardo Chillida and Sol LeWitt
  • Antje von Graevenitz, Amsterdam
    „Lightrooms“ in the volcano Tindaya on Fuerteventura compared with the Roden Crater in Arizona. Chillida’s project and James Turrell’s realization
  • Sabine Maria Schmidt, Düsseldorf
    „Multiplying owners not the art works“ – Chillida’s concept of „public space“
  • Sylvaine Hänsel, Münster
    „Material und Ausdruck“ – Überlegungen zu den Arbeiten von Richard Serra und Eduardo Chillida

III. Contemporaries, contexts and critical reception / Zeitgenossen, Kontexte und kritische Wahrnehmung

  • Bruce Beasley, Oakland
    The language of Pure Form: A sculptor‘s view of Eduardo Chillida
  • Jyrki Siukonen, Helsinki
    The hands of the forger. Touch lost and regained
Sonntag 5. Juli 2015
  • Jon Wood, Leeds
    Chillida and British sculpture
  • Alexander Potts, Ann Arbor
    Eduardo Chillida and Henry Moore – public sculpture as ideological and artistic project
  • Alexandra Parigoris, Leeds
    Making friends at the Galerie Maeght: Chillida and the language of an International French Avant-Garde

IV. Legacies: engagements, re-displays andre-presentations / Über die Nachwirkungen: Auseinandersetzungen, Neuausstellungen und Neudarstellungen

  • Abschlussdiskussion mit / Conclusion with Peio Aguirre (San Sebastián)
    Chillida: Contemporary and postmodern legacies

Konzeption und Organisation: 

Dr. Bettina Marten, Kunstgeschichtliches Institut, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main

Carl Justi-Vereinigung zur Förderung der kunstwissenschaftlichen Zusammenarbeit mit Spanien, Portugal und Iberoamerika / Asociación Carl Justi para el fomento de la cooperación entre Alemania, España, Portugal e Iberoamérica en el campo de la Historia del Arte / Associação Carl Justi para fomento da cooperação a nível da ciência da arte com Portugal, Espanha e América Latina / Carl Justi Association  for the Promotion of Art Historical Cooperation  with Spain, Portugal and Ibero-America